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Inteactive map of the Beaver Lake area

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To: Beaver Lake (Rogers Area)
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Access from Fayetteville by traveling highway 45 east, taking 303 North, through War Eagle Mill, then West on highway 12 until the Rocky Branch sign appears on the right. PRAIRIE CREEK is the next section of the lake that you will run upon after the highway 12 bridge. (travel time is approximately 45 minutes to an 1 hour from Fayetteville to Rocky Branch)

Access from Springdale by traveling east on 412 through Sonora to the Highway 412 bridge which is actually called BLUE SPRINGS and is part of Beaver and is highly recommended for serious skiers. War Eagle can be accessed by continuing on 412 through Nob Hill veering to the left on War Eagle Road and traveling on this road for 3.0 miles.

Access from 71B which is just North of Springdale can be attained by traveling East on highway 264 for 6.5 miles. You must look carefully for the signs on this road to be able to find HICKORY CREEK.

Access from Rogers can be attained by any one of Four roads. Highway 94 East will lead to Monte Ne if a left turn is made on 94 South. If you don't turn off onto 94 South you will eventually end up at Horseshoe Bend.

Access from Rogers on highway 12 East is a very popular route because it is only 4.1 miles from Rogers. After reaching the four mile mark it's a good idea to start looking for signs indicating that the Prairie Creek turn will be on the left. Rocky Branch can be accessed from this highway as well and is approximately 12 miles from the highway 12 bridge, look for a sign on the left (303) indicating ROCKY BRANCH.

Access from Garfield on highway 127 East will lead you to Lost Bridge which is a nice part of the lake and is often less populated.

Access from Gateway on highway 62 will lead to Indian Creek and is reached by watching for the signs and is approximately 5 miles South off Highway 62.

Access to the DAM SITE can be reached by continuing on highway 62. From Gateway to Busch which are 8.5 miles apart, then turning right after the signs indicating the DAM SITE, which is approximately 3 miles to the water. From Eureka the DAM SITE can be reached by traveling North West on highway 62 until you reach highway 187 West and travel 6-8 miles to the DAM.

The roads mentioned are not exclusive, other routes are possible. These routes are most likely the more popular methods of getting to the water.