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You may not legally:
  1. Refuse an officer's lawful request to see or inspect your wildlife, tackle, weapon or license.
  2. Interfere with an officer performing his duties.
  3. Flee from an officer.
  4. Aid, accompany or abet someone else in a violation.
  5. Hunt or fish after your license has been revoked or suspended.
  6. Import, transport, possess or take endangered species.
  7. Transport illegally taken wildlife across state lines.
  8. Waste the edible portion of wildlife.
  9. Possess wildlife taken by someone else, unless accompanied by written and signed statement from the taker, stating name, address, species, date taken and license number. This requirement also applies to commercial storage facilities. See example below.
  10. Litter.
  11. Take wildlife contrary to regulations for scientific studies without a permit from the Commission director.
  12. Take wildlife contrary to regulations for scientific studies without a permit from the Commission director.
  13. Buy or sell game fish unless they were raised by a licensed fish farmer or unless they are bream four-inches or less long. In either case, you may need a fish dealer's license.
  14. Take bait other than insects, freshwater shrimp, worms, frogs, minnows, shad, mussels, crayfish and bream under four-inches long from public waters and sell or offer to sell it. A fish dealer's license may be required.
  15. Release any fish into public waters without written permission from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.
You may not legally:
  1. Hunt trap or possess hunting equipment on Wildlife Management Areas (WMA's) except during open seasons.
  2. Possess a loaded firearm in a camping area on a WMA or in fishing or boating access areas.
  3. Remove anything from Commission-owned lamd without permission.
  4. Camp outside of a designated area, camp more than fourteen consecutive days (including time when the camp is set up but not occupied), or allow the camp to remain unoccupied for more than forty-eight hours.
  5. Disobey official signs.
  6. Damage Commission property.
  7. Cut trees.
  8. Burn timber, brush, or grass.
  9. Leave a fire.
  10. Create a disturbance after 10 p.m.
  11. Use or possess alcohol while hunting.
  12. Engage in commerical activities without prior Commission approval.